Weather Report.jpg
Weather Report, 2021
Oil on Canvas, 11 in x 15 in
Birth of a Nation1.jpg
Starling, 2021
Oil on Canvas, 36 in x 36 in
My Town is LIke Mars.jpg
Minerals, 2021
Oil on Canvas, 36 in x 36 in
Three Days in Champery 3.jpg
Mountain Lamb, 2021
Oil on Canvas, 36 in x 36 in
BE SAFE BE SEEN, Video/Sound/Performance


NASTY WOMEN'S Fourth Annual Art Exhibition

In response to the fourth anniversary of Nasty Women's inception, and since this is an election year, the theme responds to the ritualistic and performative aspects of protest that is fueled by the marginalization of bodies and voices across the globe.

Oil and resin on panel, 36 in x 24 in
Hanging Man, 36 in x 24 in
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  April 25th – May 26th, 2019

Opening w/ Panel Discussion on Sunday, April 28th @ 3pm

Reception to Follow until 6pm


"2 0 2 0" – What do these numbers call to mind? Impeccable eyesight? Fully knowledgeable hindsight? A prophetic projection of foresight? Or perhaps a particular year in the near future that looms large in the mind's eye? Artists enable us to frame history with clarity and perception, to dream and conceptualize, to visualize futures, preparing us for what may come, or helping us manifest worlds we look to create. This year’s juried exhibition features forty-seven artists – living both locally and nationally, and working in a wide variety of media – who offer their own unique perspective. 

David Kueher, New Haven, CWOS, Artspace, Painter, Half-Life of Memory, Meeting the Two Eternities


New Haven City Wide Open Studios

October 6-7 at Erector Square

Half Life of Memory, is an exhibition of eight new paintings documenting my two-year exploration of visual memory and the unstable sway of time. The exhibition focuses on four life-changing moments, each captured in a pair of large paintings. Repression, acceptance and transformation propels each visual journey—ranging anywhere from a few minutes to almost forty years. 

© 2021  David Kuehler